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2 Oct 2017 1 Channels 1 – 199 (SD/HD); 2 Channels 200 – 299 (SD/HD); 3 Channels 300 – 399 (SD/HD); 4 Channels 400 – 499 (SD/HD); 5 Channels 500 – 599 (SD/HD); 6 Channels 600 – 799 (SD/HD) 114–116, Sports Package ordering channels, Sports Package .. 419, CNN en Espanol, DIRECTV en Espanol.
HDMI cable connecting the receiver and and a high-definition 1080p24 television. Not all models are compatible. DIRECTV CHANNEL LINEUP ALPHABETICAL. NETWORK. CHANNEL PACKAGE NETWORK. CHANNEL PACKAGE. NETWORK. CHANNEL PACKAGE. NETWORK. CHANNEL PACKAGE. Available channels

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610. BYUtv, 374. BabyFirst TV*, 293. Bloomberg TV, HD 353. Bravo, HD 237. CCTVN, 2053. CMT, HD 327. CNBC, HD 355. CNBC World, 357. CNN, HD 202. COMTVH, 382. CSPAN, 350. CSPAN 2, 351. CTN, 376. Cartoon Network East, HD 296. Cartoon Network West, 297. Church Channel, 371. Comedy Central, HD 249.
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