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to-day triage and triage during an MCI. ? Increase the region's . pulses present. • Can follow instructions to move unaffected limb SMART Tag Triage System
Triage. Transport. Immediate. Delayed. Minimal. Expectant. Disaster Triage. START/ SMART Tag Triage System. SMART RR 10 with manual opening.
Listed below are some of the advantages of the DMS tag and instructions for its use. completed, the next step will be to follow START triage guidelines. On the
2) Review the dynamics of START triage. ? 3) Review use of the SMART tagging . START –. 4 things to think about ? Ability to follow directions and walk.
Jun 11, 2013
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New Jersey Disaster Triage Tag. Page 3. Program Objectives. • To describe the need for a new triage tag in New Jersey; . The use of a START triage algorithm
HAZMAT CONSIDERATIONS. Contamination Hazard. YES. Initiate START Triage. Primary Decon. Strip & Bag Evidence. Tag Patients. Initiate Secondary Decon.
Jul 4, 2011 Summary The policy specifies the use of SMART Triage Tags which provide a standard tool for mass casualty Policy manual Patient Matters.