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22 Dec 2012 xraid2 or flexraid. I'm new in the nas-technique : i bought a readynas duo v2 with 2 harddisk (2tb both) I would like to have a backup (disk2 from disk1) should i xraid-2 makes it a little easier to expand if you want to upgrade to 3 TB later. . So yes, you should put together a backup strategy for the NAS.
Page 2. IntroductIon at NetGear we have received a number of questions regarding X-raiD2™ and FLeX-raiD. this whitepaper is intended to X-raiD2 requires a minimum of two hard disks to provide protection against disk failure. if you have a one-disk readyNaS Detailed instructions are available in the software manual.
Netgear RNR4410 - ReadyNAS 1100 NAS Server Manual Online: X-raid And Flex-raid, Manage Your Storage Space With X-raid. Your ReadyNAS System Gives You Two Ways
This becomes increasingly important as you deal with ReadyNAS storage servers that have large amounts of drive bays (12 bays and up). Note: This guide is applicable to ReadyNAS OS 6.7 and newer. Note: The 60-bay ReadyNAS 4360X(S) does not have X-RAID and only supports Flex-RAID. RAID GROUPS AND RAID
8 May 2009
As with all ReadyNAS products, the embedded operating system and easy-to-configure software make installation and upgrades a breeze. ReadyNAS Ultra Series. The Ultra series supports both NAS and iSCSI SAN, and provides X-RAID2 automatic volume expansion technology, Flex-RAID, secure drag-and-drop remote
The ReadyNAS Volume Setup screen displays. If you do not select a format within 10 minutes, your system reboots in the same mode that it was previously using. 4. Select the Expandable Volume (X-RAID2) radio button. 5. (Optional) Click a More button to learn more about X-RAID2 or Flex-RAID. A pop-up window displays
Netgear RND4000 - ReadyNAS NV+ NAS Server Manual Online: Changing Between X-raid And Flex-raid Modes, Snapshots. You Can Switch Between X-RAID And Flex-X-RAID
flexraid vs unraid. netgear x-raid. readynas 214 raid 5. flexraid alternative. netgear flexraid. The manual does say how to do this, but if you are The devices are set up by default to use Netgear's own XRAID system and to create custom you need to switch it over to what they call Flex-RAID, a full volume management system.
Normally a RAID 5 would be limited by the smallest drive in the array but flex-RAID lets you build another array on the space left on the 750's. Seems like a bad idea to me. Since you have all matched drives, no benefit to you either. Readynas does have a feature called X-RAID I think which is just a bit more