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22 May 2017 This is my DIG University Kael'thas guide. The build I'm It increases the range of your stun by 30% and gives you mana. I don't think the
23 Apr 2016 Find top Kael'thas build guides by Heroes of the Storm players. Create, share Mana Tap: Surprisingly, I found I really liked this talent. I don't
Mana Tap - Mana for everything in the Flamestrike. It was good on the If you don't have a stun for Kael'thas, it's hitting your team. The lvl 20
22 Aug 2017 Kael'thas is often mana hungry, so taking Mana Tap and having the ability to restore nearly 4% mana every time you use your Trait is often
Kael'thas is a powerful fire mage in Heroes of the Storm, use this guide to you'll get a mana refund, making this a stronger talent over all than Mana Tap.
24 Mar 2017 +Abilities and Strategy The other pages of our Kael'thas guide can be accessed from the table of . Mana Tap (Level 4) World of Warcraft
14 Jan 2017 Mana Tap; Blood elf racial; 30 yd range; 30 sec cooldown; Instant cast Via Illidan Stormrage, Kael'thas Sunstrider was able to learn a
Patch changes (Patch March 29, 2016) Note: Mana Tap (Talent) redesigned; 4% of maximum Mana. Tier 2 (Hero Level 4). Kael'thasplate · Kael'thas
28 Aug 2015 This is quick Kael'thas guide, which is focused on changes that Mana Tap (Talent) Overall, this build is new “to go” build for Kael'thas.
24 May 2015 Find top Kael'thas build guides by Heroes of the Storm players. Mana Tap - Mana is an issue for Kael'thas, there is no getting around that.