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Congratulations on purchasing the Xotic EP-Booster!! The EP-Booster is a discrete FET preamp with low impedance output providing up to +20db of unadulterated boost that's multi-dimensional with shimmering highs and lows. The internal DIP switches let you choose the boost level and EQ setting. The EP-Booster can be
Recently acquired an early model Xotic EP boost from the BST board. . I would equate it to your cars cruise control, you doing 70 with a smooth ride, but you want to tweak it up to 71, the EP booster instead of faster, your tone is fatter, by 1 increment, and then you add another until your where you like it,
File Xotic Effects EP Booster: ". Author: m.balthazar.
Just a heads-up, Xotic has issued V2 of the EP Booster as of this month. V2 allows you to set the pedal for true unity gain via an internal dip switch.
22 Jun 2013
6 Oct 2016 In our Xotic EP Booster review, I'll tell you a tale about what might be one of the best guitar clean boost guitar pedals you'll ever own. . The Xotic Voltage Doubler can also be used with other 9-volt pedals that are capable of being used with 18-volts (Check your pedals' manuals before plugging it in!)
I put in an order for one of the new white EP Boosters yesterday, knowing it had the unity gain feature which was not available on the original pedal Today I compared manuals for EP Boosters with and without unity gain. To my surprise the unity gain feature replaced the bass boost switch with a +3db
Hi everybody. According to its manual, with the dip switch 1 "on" you already start with 3dB of gain: If I understood correctly, the same as Seems to me v2 has about as much bass as v1 with the bass boost on! IMO, too much.
Features; Specs; Media; Manuals. » What do the tones of renowned guitarist such as Page, EVH and Johnson have in common? They all used the legendary echo machine EP-3 as a pre-amp. We've captured that magic in a new Xotic Effects pedal, the EP Booster. We've used the highest quality parts available with a
So, after a year or so of debate, I finally pulled the trigger on an Exotic EP Booster. I really was debating for v2 of the pedal? (v1 = bass/bright dip switch; v2 = unity gain/bright dip switch; v2 = serial no. >11012). How does the Xotic EP Boost compare to the BBE Boosta Grande? I like the Boosta Grande a