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Buying Guide For Samurai Swords. The curved blade, or katana, is perhaps the most famous sword of all time. Used widely by the iconic Samurai Due to the extreme difficulty involved in hand crafting a high quality sword point, the quality of the point is a big factor in determining the value of a sword. Experts recommend a Images preserved . The Cold Steel Greatsword has been my #2 behind the Hanwei Lowlander for some time, both held off for the same reasons of questionable quality control, but it seems I needn't have worried about either. If I ever find myself
Sword Buyer's Guide, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan. 4934 likes · 44 talking about this. Your FREE Guide to Finding REAL Swords For Sale Online at the Price
Cold Steel have a great video demonstration of their Two Handed Great Sword, but does it tell the whole story? In this hands on review Chad Werner puts it to the test to see how it really stacks up.
Bronze swords have been dated back to 500 BC. The swords come in two types: Jian (dual-edged) and Dao (single-edged). The Dao is known as "the general of all weapons" and is often translated as a broadsword. Like a sabre, it is used for slashing and chopping. The Jian, known as the "gentleman of weapons," is used
A two handed sword usually conjures up and image of a very durable, powerful cutting blade. So it makes sense that for people who love battle ready "beater" style swords, one of these "Great Swords" is going to be their preferred choice.. But the concern is, the bigger the blade - the more things that can go wrong. Luckily
25 Jun 2008
25 Jun 2008
The first are relatively cheap battle ready replicas just under the $200 price point, the second category are priced between $200 to $500 and are basically either one handed knightly arming swords or - the most popular - longswords. And the final category are big, mean and heavy two handed great swords.. Beyond this