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TallyMan Controllers - Master Documents. TM1-MK2 and TM1+ MK2 Installation Manual · Quick Configuration Manual · TallyMan Super User Guide. TallyMan Controllers - Supporting Documents. Interface Setup Documents. Third Party Interfaces · Mixer Setup · Router Setup · UMD Setup · Tallies Setup · User Screen
Broadcast Control Systems TM2. This unit is ideal for larger studios with several cameras that may have perhaps two mixers (SD and HD) and two or more routers as well as TSL UMD displays and/or multiviewers. Download Brochure Where to Buy. Share. Features; Specifications; Support. 2RU Unit; Single Internal PSU
TSL Products' TallyMan Control Systems - TallyMan sits at the heart of any broadcast system coordinating critical broadcast infrastructure components.
TM1 MK2 TallyMan 1RU Controller, 2 x Gigabit ethernet ports, 4 x RS422, 64 configurable GPIO.
The TSL TallyMan Controller uses the names that are programmed into the router to deduce the cross . 5. GND. 5. TALLYMAN. TM1/TM2. CONTROLLER RS-. 422. TALLYMAN. TMC-1. CONTROLLER RS-. 422. TSL. Functions. LEITCH ROUTER. D9 Plug. D9 Skt. D9 Socket. 3 Installation & Maintenance Manual). S1. S2.
The following document covers installation of the TSL Tallyman controllers TM1, TM2, TM2+ and. TMC-1. The TSL tally system consists of a number of displays, either discrete modules or Multiviewers / IMD. (In-Picture-Display); controlled by a 19” 1RU remotely located TallyMan Controller. The TallyMan Controller
2. TallyMan V 1.7.1b on. Manual Contents. 1. Introduction and the TM1, TM2 and TM2 PLUS. 2. Routers. 3. Mixers. 4. UMDs. 5. Tallies. 6. User Screen. 7. Control Panels. 8. ESP-1R+. 9. Displays (TSL). 10. PSU-22/2 Power Supply. 11. TME-SC-11. 12. TME-SC-21. 13. CTD-1S/CTD-1Si. 14. TallyMan Connections. 15.
MPA1 Dante. Full Specification · Product Manual · Software Downloads . TSL PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS LTD. Units 1 & 2 First Avenue, Globe Park, Marlow SL7 1YA United Kingdom. Tel : +44 1628 564 610. Email:
This basic Tally system will consist of a Vision Mixer/Switcher providing Tally information serially over RS422, a router providing crosspoint information serially over RS422, a multiviewer receiving. Tally and Mnemonic information over IP , 4 Under Monitor Displays (UMD) receiving Tally and. Mnemonic information serially
The TallyMan TM2 Plus is a 2RU controller with dual redundant power supplies, 32 x tally inputs and 48 x isolated tally relay outputs.

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