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23 Dec 2011 Twin sons to the great Prophet, Terrorblade and Magina were blessed with divine powers: Terrorblade granted with an unnatural affinity with life forces; Magina gifted with energy manipulation. Magina's eventual overexposure to the magics gradually augmented his elemental resistances and bestowed him
The second Luxury Item is Boots of Travel. It will give Anti-Mage extreme mobility as well as a lot of extra movement speed. By now the +8 agility from Power Treads will be almost useless, so it is always a good idea to trade Treads for BoT. Also remember to disassemble the Treads and use the
18 Jun 2011
The illusions benefit from Mana Break, greatly improving Anti-Mage damage, pushing potential and mana-burning capabilities. Additionally, the split allows Anti-Mage to dodge and remove spell effects, which can be useful in combat or when escaping. Situational items: Abyssal Blade icon.png
In Lane--The Poor Man's Shield is one of the few items on this build that I would list as "optional." It's really great because it lets you take even less hero harass than you do with the Stout Shield. Additionally, the 6 agility gives you an additional 5.04% effective physical hp from armor, and
Butterfly: High damage and evasion, great lategame item for Anti-mage. Abyssal Blade: Big damage output, a bit of HP, and an insane active/passive for the lategame when you want to kill people instead of creeps.
Anti-Mage DOTA 2 Hero. Find all Anti-Mage stats and find build guides to help you play DOTA 2. Anti-Mage's Talents. -50s Mana Void Cooldown. 25. +25% Spell Shield. +300 Blink Cast Range. 20. Blink Uncontrollable Illusion. -2s Blink Cooldown. 15. +15 Agility . 1 Votes. 6K 0. Anti-Mage Standard Item Build 2016.
  data from matches with a verified player or Plus subscriber. Exotic_Deer won a Stomp 11 hours ago. #21 Anti-Mage. Safe Lane. Core. 35:46. China. Dire. ~ 7500 MMR. 19Kills. 2Deaths. 11Assists. 15.00KDA Ratio. 77%Team Kill %. 924GPM. 975XPM. 176APM. 7Runes. 50/218/375LH @ 10/20/30. Starting Items. 03:37.
7 Sep 2010 I want to start of by explaining that if you're looking for a guide with images, backgrounds story about the hero and overall tips about Dota, then you've come to . Standard item on Anti-Mage, I don't recommend getting any other type of "boots" because you need the +10 Strength for survivability purposes.
19 Dec 2011 warning!!! this guide is designed for pub games and to hurt your eyes this guide will be containing -> Outline Outline I. Introduction and Tips II. Skill Build III. Gameplay IV. Items V. Item Build VI.Luxury items. VII. Reasons for my item build. VIII. Allies and Enemies IX. Tactics X. Replays I. Introduction and Tips