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22 Mar 2017 This Draven knew he'd miss the kill if he went for the axe, so he gives up the axe and flashes forward for the kill. Meanwhile this Draven seems to know the Ultimate utilization tips that I'll explain later in the guide. He saved the ult to use it just when the enemy is walking by the wall, so there is absolutely no
While the axe is flying toward an enemy the direction you click Draven to walk is the direction the axe will go. (i.e. AA walk left axe pops up in air and lands to the left.) Getting the hang of that will be so helpful. I also build Phantom Dancer on him so that nothing can obstruct me while trying to catch them.
4 May 2017 7.9 Dancing with Axes. Draven build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Draven Strategy Builds and Tools.
10 Jan 2014
Blood rush: Amazing skill that gives you what you need the most. Attack speed and movement this. This ability makes draven deadly on lvl 2. You deal quite nice damage already on level 2. and you can spam W every time you catch an axe. Technically if you're good enough you can use that skill to your advatange chasing
17 Nov 2017 (7.22) Draven Does It All -In-Depth Challenger Guide. Draven build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Draven Strategy Builds and Tools.
7 May 2015
Guide your hits. Draven's neat and really easy to poke with, which hurts more than most champs. When you go to hit someone, as SOON as you see that you've thrown out your axe, run in a direction you want to lead the axe to, it'll basically follow you. Move between your auto attacks. With practice you'll be
Hey Summoners :) I made a video about how to play Draven today and I thought that it would be nice to share that with you guys. Here is the link
Script: - Draven is one of the hardest champions to play in League of Legends. This is because Draven drives on catching his axes for dealing the maximum amount of damage. It is neccesary to know how this mechanic works, so let's get started with that. Draven's spinning axes drop on places of the map

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