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25 Oct 2015 Maple Island is one of the starting areas (like Ereve, Edelstein, Rien, and others) that only has a few different types of monsters that are all low level and weak. Higher level When the Crusader Codex is added to the game, monsters begin dropping "cards" that contain detailed information on them.
Ignore Monster Defense, +2%, +4%, +6%, +8%. DECK COMBO I: [dc1]. Grade, Grade, Grade, Grade. Character Card Requirements, Character Combo Effect, Grade B .. I pretty much experienced most of all characters in Maple which is satisfying enough for me cus I know from personal experience all the strengths and
13 Dec 2016 Familiars are summoned using cards, which can either be purchased from the Cash Shop or collected from monsters in Maple World. Pets are available through the Cash Shop only, except for the lovely Snail pet entrusted to you by Mar the Fairy. Familiars cannot be summoned in the Free Market or Battle
Magnus is in fact in friendstory and you can actually get his card there. I forgot which chapter exactly you can do it but I know it requires you to do alt+f4. I was lucky enough to get magnus last week from doing dailies. @KerBansot. Using a lumi has no benefit in getting monster to register. Its all luck and the
13 Feb 2012 I've seen monster cards, I don't remember what drops though. Omok peices still drop too, just isnt shown in codex. I don't remember which monsters drop Omok Tables Drum Bunnies and Normal Stumps? Also easier to make a Omok set than a card game set. 1 Omok Table + 2 Different Omok Monster
21 Jan 2016 Certain event monsters also appear as special cards. Monsters found in Maple Island, Victoria Island, Ossyria, Zipangu and Party Quests drop cards. In certain occasions, you might have already killed a monster before the launch of Crusader Codex and the ability to enter the place to get the card is blocked
19 Jun 2017 MapleStory Character Card Deck System Guide (Grade + Bonus Effects). Posted in May 20, 2017 Update: This system is replaced with Maple Union in MapleStory Beyond! Zen: Critical Damage: +1/2/3/4%; Zero: Bonus EXP Per Monster Kill +4/6/8/10%; Sword Art Online ~ Kirito | Asuna | Leafa: *None*
Since the Luna server was merged into GMS, as a sincere player of MS l have noticed two issues concerning the crusader codex and monster collections. 1. Crusader codex: There are monsters which do not drop the monster card, such as strange pig, sleepy grobbler, limestone tokka, dejected green
Maple Story Set 2 FAQ. Boss Rules Questions. Q: How do bosses work? A: Bosses are monsters with the following special rules: 1. When you attack with a boss, you also get to do its “boss actions.” Boss actions work like character actions, except you do them when you attack with the boss. Do its boss actions in order (top
You can explore a totally new and unknown world you have never been to, put on beautiful clothes and gorgeous accessories, and even attract other users in the process. Guide to Monster Card System in GMS.