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Ok, so I have been spending time after time finding out which is the most efficient way to 90/100 from level 1. Now I know most of you hop in, reach 15 and stop the questing and jump straight into Random Dungeons which is a good idea but if you only do that, you're looking at 2-3 maybe even 4 days of
29 Aug 2016 Detailed World of Warcraft leveling guide for Rogues to accompany you from level 100 to level 110: abilities, talents, tips, etc.
Taurens's Beginning If you're a tauren, you're probably starting at Mulgore, the old and chubby place, full of cows and moos, the first things you're going to do is simply follow the chain quest you get at the beginning up to at least level 10 around in Mulgore, once you do that. Head over to Thunderbluff, you
28 Feb 2014
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Rogue leveling is fast, fun, and easy, not matter which flavor of Rogue you are. Here you'll find a build, glyphs, tips, and "how to" on getting leveled quickly.
11 Mar 2014
25 Mar 2017
so i was wondering wich is the best spec to lvl a rogue as (speaking 1-90)? I think combat might be the best for leveling, since your energy-regeneration is higher and you have a lot of aoe due to Blade Flurry. Shadowpanther still has a leveling guide, and there are current threads on this exact topic:
This guide focuses on zones in the 1-60 range, but if you have general leveling questions, check out our Leveling and RAF Guide. You'll find information on . In Badlands, players encounter the dragon Rhea and assist her in saving a purified egg from Deathwing--one that will turn up again in the new legendary for rogues.